Basic bullet (Automatically equipped):
Deals physical damage, Can be charged

Snow bullet:
Deals only frost damage, Slows enemy, Can be charged

Lava bullet:
Deals slight physical damage and great burning damage, Burns enemy, Can be charged

Gravity bullet:
Deals damage while enemy is in the core, Pulls enemies towards center, Can be charged

Impact bullet:
Deals high physical damage, Extremely fast, Cannot be charged, Must recharge

Split bullet:
Deals slight physical damage, Bullet shatters when shot, Must recharge

Burst bullet:
Deals physical damage, Explodes on impact, Cannot be charged, Must recharge

Laser bullet:
Deals moderate physical damage and low burning damage, Extremely fast, Can be charged

Confusion bullet:
Deals moderate physical damage, Confuses enemy, Can be charged

Tracer bullet:
Deals moderate physical damage, Follows enemy, Can be charged

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Sends out a shockwave that pushes enemies and reflects bullets

Super Speed:
Gives you super speed for the duration of the super ability

Creates an impenetrable shield around you that heals only you while inside

Turns youself invisible, You cannot be hurt while invisible, If you attack while invisible your invisibility will end

Gives you three incredibly strong bullets, Shoot well

Shoots a projectile that creates an area that freezes opponents and doubles the damage done to those inside

Allows you to shock your opponents with an electric beam

Super Selection:


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